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Return Policy


You may cancel your order for any reason, if it has not been shipped yet, by sending an email, a message via the contact form or by phone.
You also have the right to return purchased products and ask for a replacement or a refund, which is made by crediting the bank account you indicate through IBAN. In this case shall any remittance costs arise are incurred by you.
Once we receive the returned product and ensure it is in its original condition we refund you the entire amount within 5 working days or replace it. The refund is related to the value of the products and not to the transportation costs. For hygienic reasons no changes or refunds are made to all accessories.

Return of Non-Faulty Products

You can return your products within 14 working days from the day of receipt for change in size, color or for any other reason you are not satisfied with them. If the return is not made within 14 working days, then our shop will not accept any return for replacement or any request to cancel the transaction. As date of dispatch for the returned product is considered the date that is indicated by the courier on receipt. In each case the returned products must be in their original condition as received from the customer and without any damage.
Cost of a return shipment are entirely borne by the sender. (Exercise of Withdrawal Law 2251/1994 Article 3i paragraph 1).

The return and replacement of a product is possible under the following conditions:

  • contact us by phone or send an e-mail to stating the reason for the return
  • the return is made within 14 working days of receipt of the order
  • the product is in its original condition

If the product does not meet the above requirements it will be returned to the sender.

Return of Faulty Products

In cases where our shop is solely responsible for selling a product of defective quality, a product damaged during transport or any other error in pricing, shipping, etc. we take full responsibility for the replacement, the cost of return and any forwarding expenses. The return and replacement terms remain the same as the above.
In cases where a product can not be replaced due to lack or withdrawal of it, you will be refunded according to the terms applicable to refunds.
After 14 working days from the date printed on the receipt of the received product, you fully accept the quality, quantity and price of the products and refunds or replacements with different products are not accepted.